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Potty training tips and tricks. How to handle your potty training problems and frustrations. Discover the fastest, easiest most effective method for ending your potty training problems and frustration. This blog is about my adventures in potty training toddlers. Toilet training problems can be handled just like any other developmental situation. Kids pee, kids poop in pants, but is all just another mark on the potty training chart.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Potty Training tips for Dad

Dads who potty train.

While about 75% of kids have been potty trained by their mothers, Dad is often the better choice for the potty trainer.

Often, time with Dad is more valued to the toddler because he does not get it as often.

Also, Dads tend to have less emotional attachment to the training process.

I have written a special message to dads. Click the link below:

Potty Training is not for Wusses!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Potty Training in the Year of the Dog

This is my new puppy Smash Ogre. I know this doesn't have much to do with potty training, although I do have to train him to go outside. This is the year of the dog, and we got Smash just two weeks ago. Like a child he will have to be taught many things, and I am looking forward to all the fun times we will have.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Potty Training Tip for boys

Improve their aim!

My friend once owned a service station with a sign posted in the men's room that read:

"In case of Air Raid, hide under the urinal - Because no one ever hits it!"

One trick to try with boys is to put a cheerio or fruit loop circle in the toilet and let the boys aim at it. This makes potty time fun for the boys. And it just may help them in adult life as well!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Severe potty training problems!

NewsNet5.com - News - Police: Man Beats Potty-Training Child For Having Accidents

I almost cried when I read this headline! It still amazes me that in this modern time people still think they can use force to change someones behavior.

No punishment is ever going to change what someone has done all their life. Clear instruction and motivation are needed to make a change.

From the sub headline: "Man Charged With Beating Girlfriend's 18-Month-Old Daughter" I am guessing they were starting the process way too early. Although some children can potty train that early, it takes a very special environment, a very patient trainer and a sound training method. I am guessing none of these elements were present in this situation.

Please don't let Potty Training frustration lead you to rash behavior. If you want a method that eleminates frustration and creates the right environment for successful training, get Potty Training in 5 Hours because it will show you step by step how to avoid frustration and struggles.

Show love to your children because it makes life much more fun.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Toilet Training Tip

Never use force to toilet train.

Many parents are becoming frustrated when it comes to toilet training their child. Is what I am hearing is "Why won't my child go potty?" "Why is it such a battle?"

These two questions are very common for parents to ask. The answer is not as simple. However, if you are asking either of these questions, you need to take a break from toilet training and take a look at your toilet training method.

You may find that the problem isn't that your child won't potty. The problem may be that you are trying to force the process. If this is the case, you won't accomplish much.

Remember that your child is in control of their own body. Therefore, they are in control of the toilet training process. You do need to keep encouraging your child to go to the potty, but if they refuse, then don't pressure them. Just say, "When you need to go to the potty, let me know. I will help you if you need me."

Be patient. Your child will trust you, and will soon want to use the potty.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Mommy Goes Poop in the Potty

Easy Tip on Potty Training

I found this funny story , and I thought it was a good example of positive reinforcement on where a person should poop.

"We've been working to get Mick potty trained and have had a couple of
successes at his daycare this past week. He will pee in the potty at
daycare but that's it. He refuses at home. Anway, since I still have
2 kids soiling, I'm in the habit of pulling back the waistline of their
pants to figure out which one the smell is coming from. This afternoon
when we returned home, I was leaning over the backseat, trying to
wrestle Noah out of his carseat. Mick came up behind me, pulled my
pants up at the waist and said, 'go poop?' I was laughed so hard I
almost dropped the baby. I told him, 'no, Mommy goes poop in the potty
not in my pants' I thought I was going to die laughing! :-)

micksmom "

This mom was able to laugh, and then she goes on to say in a positive way, "Mommy goes poop in the potty." This is a good way to teach children what is expected of them when they need to go poop.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Potty Training: Are YOU Ready?

In this article these experts bring up an important and often overlooked aspect of potty training: Getting the parents ready for toilet training! The toddler already knows what to do - just not where.

As the toilet trainer, you must be ready to devote both time and attention to the child to avoid serious problems. All communication needs to be consistent. If the child is in childcare, it is important that the providers and the parents communicate on the language used. Since the terms feces and urine are difficult for children to say, we normally us words like poop and pee. Whatever you call it, it must be the same at daycare and at home to avoid confusing the toddler who is trying so hard to please everyone.

Parents often have trouble letting go of their little babies and subconsciously want them to stay babylike forever. Be sure to acknowledge any such feelings and deal with them before they sabotage your efforts. Toddlers are much better at reading subconscious messages like vocal tone and body language than they are at understanding words. Make sure you are sending a consistent message.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Humor in Daycare Potty Training

Potty training problems in daycare

Potty training at daycare can be quiet humorous. Today while I had the boys at the bathroom, I somehow ended up wet. I was helping one of the boys with their pants while another boy was washing his hands. As the little boy washed his hands, he in someway got his sleeves (which where pushed up) soaking wet. He then proceeded to try and shake the water off his sleeves, forgeting that he had cupped his hands and caught water up in them. It was at that moment he and I became wet along with the floor. He had the most shocked look upon his face, but when I laughed all the little ones in the bathroom started to giggle. We all just said accidents happen, went back to the room, changed his shirt and kept right on going. I on the other hand had to wait until I got home to change; however, it was time for me to leave since the afternoon teachers had arrived.

When one of the other teachers saw me they informed me that big girls don't wet their pants, especially on the side. I just laughed and replied, "When potty training little boys, sometimes their aim is just not perfect." As I often hear quoted, "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story."

Learning to Poop in the Potty

Learning to poop in the potty is not always easy.

Many children will go through a stage in which they will not want to poop in the potty. The most common reason is that they are scared, or they have had a painful bowel movement and are trying to avoid that pain again. I would suggest that you don't interfere with their bowel movement, but instead, when they have a BM in their pants help them to clean themself by going to the bathroom, putting their poopie into the potty, wipe them, and flush the potty. Remember to wash your hands and your child's hands. While doing all this just say "You had a poopie in your pants, but soon you will poop in the potty." Don't scold them or yell at them. They will soon decide to poop in the potty, and you and your child will not be stressed about it. Enjoy every little moment with your child, even while potty training.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Potty Training Girls

Potty training girls is not always easy.

Potty training girls may seem easier for some parents, but this is not always the case. Girls may seem to potty train easier since it is usually the mom who does the potty training, and girls want to be like their mom by wearing "big girl" panties like mom. Girls are usually more interested in potty training at an earlier age than boys, but what I have seen is that once boys want to potty train they end up being completely potty trained by the same age that girls are potty trained.

There are a few things to potty training a girl that one needs to know. When potty training a girl it is important that you teach them how to wipe from front to back. Since girls are more likely to get infections around their genitals it is very important that they wipe thoroughly. If a girl gets an infection this could easily slow down the potty training process. When a little girl experiences pain when she goes to the potty, she is likely to not want to go to the potty. She will associate pottying with pain and will refuse to go. If this occurs with your daughter, take some time off from potty training and give her cranberry juice to drink, and this should help get rid of the infection. Reassure her that the pain will go away, and let her know that you are there to help.

Potty Training Girls

Potty Traing Girls is easy?

According to Baby Center .com's poll on potty training girls, 58% of the people said that girls are easier to train than boys. I hear a lot of people agree that potty training girls is easier than potty training boys, but I wonder why that is.

Could it be that moms are most often the ones to potty train and expect their girls to be easier than their boys. Could it be that moms expect their boy to be like their daddy and be difficult to deal with? Does she expect the boy to challenge her because that is what she expects of a male? Girls are often expected to be more submissive so maybe moms expect the girls to conform faster than boys.

I think both boys and girls at the age of twenty four months want to be loved and want to please their parents. They will do what they think is expected of them. When they get a bit older, and their ego starts to develop more they will begin to express their NOT ME feeling through rebellion. But at around two to three years old, they usually want to be loved and show love. The results we expect have a huge effect on the results we get. See I Create Reality for more info on this subject.

I see no reason why potty training girls should be any different than potty training boys except for the mechanics. The HEART method will work with either.

Please leave your comments on your experience.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Toilet Training Children and Automatic Flushers

Toilet Training Problems

Has your child ever been frightened by an automatic flusher?
While these things are great for keeping public restrooms clean, they can be scary for toddlers.

The Automatic flusher uses an infrared beam just like your TV remote to sense the presence of a person near the toilet. When it detects movement away from the toilet, it flushes. Well toddlers make a pretty small target to begin with and when you add in the constant motion of children, the flusher can trigger while the child is still seated. This can be scary! It may improve the pooping speed dramatically or it may lock it up entirely.

You can control the action of the auto flusher by covering the sensor. Look for a little red window. Cover it with a sticky note, your hand, a damp piece of tissue, what ever will stay long enough for your child to do their stuff. at the proper time, you can uncover the sensor and let it flush. If it does not trigger, there is often a "courtesy flush" button to trigger the process.

Don't let a scary robot ruin your Toilet Training progress. Take preventive action!

Please leave your comments on how you deal with automatic flushes.

Tips on Potty Training

Toilet Training Problems

Dealing with Potty Training Problems can be frustrating for many parents and child care workers. However, it does not have to be that way. You have to remember that the toddler is learning a new skill and like all physical skills, it takes practice to get it right. A potty training accident only becomes a potty training problem when a caregiver makes it one. The toddler usually does not care. - Maybe that is your problem!

Here are some tips for dealing with Training problems:

Tips on Potty Training

1. Keep a Positive attitude.

Know that eventually your toddler will be potty trained and there will be hardly any more accidents.

2. Accept that things are just the way they are supposed to be.

A potty accident is not the end of the world. They may be inconvenient, but they are what toddlers do. Don't make a problem where there is not one.

3. Imagine what it will be like when you are diaper free!

Get a clear image in your mind of what you want to accomplish. Are you afraid of letting your child grow up? If so, let it go. Share your vision with your child. Play make believe stories with stuffed animals that go tot the potty at the correct time. Have fun with this time.

4. Keep that positive attitude!

Don't dwell on mistakes, but look to the successes. Don't chart the failures; forget them. Soon your child will be experiencing a wonderful new way of dealing with all the poop in life. Make this an easy time.

For more ways to face potty training problems with a positive attitude, see Christopher Westra's book. Potty Training in five Hours. His other books are included as bonuses with the potty training book and they have some great ideas on how to face other life issues with a more positive outlook. (If you are trying to keep a completely positve attitude, don't read the bonus book "Parenting is Tough")

That link again is: Potty Training in five Hours.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Toilet Training Chart

Progress chart for Potty Training.

Toilet training charts are good for training children between the ages of two and three years old, and many places offer potty training charts. The toilet training chart I have found to be the most effective is the chart you and your child make together. You can use posterboard, markers, crayons, etc. to create a progress chart for potty training. Your child will enjoy decorating the posterboard (the color they choose) will all types of art materials. Your child will also need to pick out a variety of skickers. You can also use a calendar instead of posterboard. Your child will enjoy placing stickers on their own toilet training chart or on a calendar.

The stickers are placed on the potty training chart each time your child uses the toilet. After a set number of stickers have been met, you may decide to reward your child with a trip to the park, a lunch outing, extra storytime at night, or you may watch their favorite television show or movie.

Let me know what ideas you have used successfully to potty train your child.

Also see this previous post on Potty training charts.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Toilet Training Problems

The number one toilet training problem: They child just doesn't use the toilet all the time.

Any parent who has toilet trained a child will tell you that their child had many pee and poop accidents before they were toilet trained. Just like learning anything new, toilet training is new to the child. They have to understand what is happening to their body before they can completely master this new phase in their young life.

It is during this time a parent's patience will be tested. The more lovingly a parent handles a toilet training accident, the more confident the child will become, and the toilet training process will become a little smoother.

Remember to be patient, and keep reminding yourself that your child's body and mind must work together for them to learn how to use the toilet.

Let me know what toilet training problem you may be having, and I will help you to find out what works best for you and your child.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Potty Accidents Happen

When working with children potty accidents are bound to happen.

Potty accidents seem to happen at the most inopportune time. At daycare the other day I had a child poop and it fell out of his pants onto the floor. Since then this child doesn't want to poop and will refuse to go to the potty. Once he gets to the potty he will at least try to peepee or poop, but will sit for at least ten minutes.

This same child runs to hide when he feels the need to poop. I have had many children in years past do the same thing, and what I have learned is once a child goes through this regression phase he will usually start using the potty and never return back to diapers or pull-ups.

After a child goes through the regression phase most parents can put their child into "big boy/big girl" underpants and the child will feel proud.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

How to Potty Train Your Child in Five Hours

"How to SUCCESSFULLY Potty Train your child in five hours or less - even if your child is resistant, and you've tried other methods before!"

The New H.E.A.R.T. Method

From: Christopher Westra
Author: "How to Potty Train Your Child in Five Hours"

Dear Parent,

If you want the
independence that comes from a potty trained child, and the satisfaction
from successfully training your child yourself - then this
might be the most important book in your life right now.

Here's why:

I'll teach you how to potty train your child in a few hour's work – even
if you've tried before and gone back to diapers in frustration!

Now you
may think one day training isn't possible, but let me show you how it's very
possible, in fact, quite straightforward using the H.E.A.R.T. Method I'll teach
you in this course...

I have been reviewing several books lately and this method is by far the best I have found. Christopher sure understands the mind of a two year old. If you are ready to learn this amazingly simple method, click here and click the ORDER NOW link in the top right of his page. If you still need more convincing, read all the testimonials on his page and more about how his method works. He has a money back guarantee so there is no risk to you.

How to Potty Train Your Child in 5 Hours.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Potty Training Song

A dance tune for Potty Training?

I have found the cutest little song about potty training. You can listen to it on line or buy your own copy for less than $2.

...We do the underpants dance, dance, dance,We do the underpants dance, dance, dance,You do the underpants, underpants, underpants, underpants, dance, dance, dance (sing it with me now!)....


Potty Training Chart for Girls

Many people use a potty training chart to track the progress of their potty training efforts. If you are using a method that requires more than 5 hours, you may want to try a chart like this one.

Here is what Amazon says about the chart:

"Motivate and reward children using the 126 stickers. Stickers are circles of one inch in diameter and each sticker has an image of different potty related subjects - no repetition. You will find stickers with soap and towels (as reminders to wash hands), toilet rolls, a variety of potty chairs, cute motivational sayings like "You can do it!" and more. Many stickers even have toddler girls for children to imitate.

The yellow chart included opens up to hang like a calendar. After successful potty attempts, children are rewarded with a sticker to place on the chart provided. Also included are a few ideas on what a parent or childcare provider could discuss about each sticker, thus increasing communication between adult and child. Potty training works when it's fun!"

They also have a potty training chart for boys.

My Potty Reward Stickers for Boys: 126 Boy Stickers and Chart to Motivate Toilet Training

For an idea on Free Potty Training Charts see this post.