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Monday, January 16, 2006

Humor in Daycare Potty Training

Potty training problems in daycare

Potty training at daycare can be quiet humorous. Today while I had the boys at the bathroom, I somehow ended up wet. I was helping one of the boys with their pants while another boy was washing his hands. As the little boy washed his hands, he in someway got his sleeves (which where pushed up) soaking wet. He then proceeded to try and shake the water off his sleeves, forgeting that he had cupped his hands and caught water up in them. It was at that moment he and I became wet along with the floor. He had the most shocked look upon his face, but when I laughed all the little ones in the bathroom started to giggle. We all just said accidents happen, went back to the room, changed his shirt and kept right on going. I on the other hand had to wait until I got home to change; however, it was time for me to leave since the afternoon teachers had arrived.

When one of the other teachers saw me they informed me that big girls don't wet their pants, especially on the side. I just laughed and replied, "When potty training little boys, sometimes their aim is just not perfect." As I often hear quoted, "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story."



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