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Friday, January 13, 2006

Toilet Training Children and Automatic Flushers

Toilet Training Problems

Has your child ever been frightened by an automatic flusher?
While these things are great for keeping public restrooms clean, they can be scary for toddlers.

The Automatic flusher uses an infrared beam just like your TV remote to sense the presence of a person near the toilet. When it detects movement away from the toilet, it flushes. Well toddlers make a pretty small target to begin with and when you add in the constant motion of children, the flusher can trigger while the child is still seated. This can be scary! It may improve the pooping speed dramatically or it may lock it up entirely.

You can control the action of the auto flusher by covering the sensor. Look for a little red window. Cover it with a sticky note, your hand, a damp piece of tissue, what ever will stay long enough for your child to do their stuff. at the proper time, you can uncover the sensor and let it flush. If it does not trigger, there is often a "courtesy flush" button to trigger the process.

Don't let a scary robot ruin your Toilet Training progress. Take preventive action!

Please leave your comments on how you deal with automatic flushes.



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