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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Law of Attraction and Potty Training

Positive Potty Training and The Law of Attraction

Now is a good time to be potty training. Many are shut in due to the weather. It is either very cold or there is lots of snow.

During the cold, rainy or snowy season you can get your child potty trained. While being at home may not sound like fun, it can be. Make this a time to bond with your child and have fun doing it.

Potty training does not have to be just another chore for you or your child. You can make it a fun learning experience for both. When potty training your child you are going to teach responsibility and learn about your child. You are also going to learn how to have a positive attitude not with just potty training but with all areas of raising a child.

Children pick up very quickly on your attitudes and will mirror them back to you. So why not learn how to have a positive attitude and teach your child the same.

Before you start to potty train your child, you will need to get a visual picture in your mind of what you want accomplished and then act as though it has already happened. You are going to use the Law of Attraction to help you potty train your child.

So get going and use this time of year to accomplish a wonderful goal of potty training your child, teaching responsibility, and learning how to use the Law of Attraction. Also learn how to become a more positive person.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Potty Training in 2009

Potty Training Resolution

It is the new year and time to start getting your child potty trained. Many parents set the new year as a time to make resolutions. Well make this year the year you get your child out of diapers.

The method I offer is guaranteed to help you accomplish this goal. It takes just a few days of your time. This is a time that will also help you to bond with your child and have some fun. You get to help your child not only learn to use the potty, but you also are teaching your child responsibility.

You can potty train your child with this method in a positive way. One of the biggest problems I find with potty training is that parents become frustrated and this is reflected in the child. Children pick up on the parents' emotions very quickly and will act them out even if the parent is not outwardly showing emotion.

So start now, get positive, and have fun with potty training your child.

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