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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Are you a responsible parent?

Responsibility as a parent

How much responsibility do you accept for the quality of your child’s development? Do you think that duty falls to their teachers, care providers or others. Or do you take an active role in training your child to reach their full potential?

How about their health and safety? Do you consider your child’s health and safety to be at the mercy of random events or mysterious viruses lurking in the air? Or do you take an active role in creating a safe and healthy environment for your child to grow and develop?

Lately I have seen much debate about whether science or art has the most influence on the development of children. As in all things, I prefer a balanced approach.

I prefer to think about and visualize a safe healthy environment for my children to learn and develop. I also like to teach them the proper manner to approach life so that they avoid excessively dangerous situations. I also try to feed them healthy food.

I spend time each day meditating on the life I want for myself and my children and at the same time I use all the resources and training materials I have available to train them in the workings of the world in which we live.

So, this week, take responsibility for your child and imagine them living the best life you can imagine for them right now. Refuse to be a victim of your circumstances and arm yourself with the very best training materials you can provide for yourself and them.

For a list of some of the best child development materials I have found on the Internet, see http://www.pottytrainingsite.com/links.htm

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Children reflect your thoughts

I have talked many times about how children mirror your emotions. It is often way too easy to see how you are feeling when you see yourself reflected in your child's behavior.

Is is important to always clear your self of your fears and frustrations before spending time with your child. Especially when you are trying to teach the some new behavior - like potty training maybe? They pick up quickly when you are nervous or frustrated.

Read more on manifesting your fears in this article on mikestrawbridge.com.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Learning Styles

Learning styles can be used even when potty training.

After reading the article on parenting.com about how children learn, I watched the children in my class to see which way they seemed to learn the best.

One child I noticed seems to love listening to music and stories. She can recite almost anything word for word once she hears it a few times. Today she wanted the tape player all to herself. She enjoyed just sitting and listening to music. This little girl is usually the one who is jumping around and moving all around the classroom from one center to another. However, today while she had the tape player she was still and very focused on what she was hearing.

A little boy in my class has to move while he is learning. He cannot sit still for very long. Even during lunch he is moving about in his chair while he is eating. He often stands up and moves about even when I am reading a story to the class. He may be moving about, but when I ask any questions about what I read he can answer every one of them. This little boy would quickly be labeled as a hyperactive child who may have ADHD, but I think it is just the way he learns. He has a good attention span; he just has to move.

I have another little boy in my class who has to see what things are to understand. He always wants to be in front of everyone else so he has a clear view of books or pictures I may be teaching with. If anyone gets in his sight range, he quickly moves over or starts saying, "I can’t see!" When this little boy has a visual he understands what he is being taught.

If you are wondering why one of your children seems to understand something but your next child just does not seem to get it, try a different style of teaching. You will probably find that each of your children will have their own style of learning.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Children's nutrition

Feeding your Preschooler

Many of the people who responded to our survey said they wanted to know more about nutrition for children.

My mother has recently added some information about feeding preschoolers on her nutrition web site: www.mealswithamessage.com

She has included some menu suggestions that could be used in a commercial child care setting our in you home.

She mentions that the most important part of childhood nutrition is making sure children are provided a wide variety of foods so that they will learn to make healthy food choices as they grow.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Teaching Fun And Better Behavior

Teaching fun and better behavior

Children have to take many steps to become an individual all on his own. You have already watched as your child learned to get around with very little help from you. Now you are facing new challenges. You may be potty training your child or you may be in the next step of helping your child learn his alphabet and numbers.

Whatever you are facing you can help your child accomplish his goal in learning. You are your child’s first teacher and mentor. Your child wants to be like you and he wants to please you in every way possible.

To help your child do this you must be clear in what it is you wish for him to learn. If you are potty training your little darling here is an e-book that I have found to be very helpful to many parents.

Westra Potty Training Book

If you want ways to help your child learn while playing here is a site you may find useful. This e-book will show you ways to make learning fun. It will help to develop your child’s mental and physical development by helping him to become more confident and outgoing.
Toddler Play Book

For you who would like help with learning how to handle behavior this Better Behavior Wheel
can help to change the atmosphere in your home. Your child’s homework will get done and there will be less arguing between your children.

Whatever stage your child is at, learn with him and have fun!