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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Be Positive While Potty Training Boys Or Girls

Positive Words are Important to Potty Training Boys and Girls

Lately I have been reading about using positive words with children and I am a firm believer that positive words are the key to having a good potty training experience for your child.

Positive words help to build your child's confidence as he learns his body signals telling him that he needs to use the potty. In the e-book on How to Potty Train Your Child in a Weekend, I state that you must be positive throughout the entire process of potty training your child.

Ii know it is easy to become frustrated and you just want to give up, but when this happens you need to stop and re\evaluate what you are doing and get back into the positive mindset. When you get back into this mindset you will become successful with potty training your child.

Your child will also become more confident and will be able to use this confidence in other areas of his life. Teaching anything to your child must be done with love and a positive attitude. This will help your child become a positive and confident adult.

Work on the positive affirmations and notice the change in you and your child's attitude about potty training.

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