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Monday, May 25, 2009

Potty Training Tips

The pottypottytrainingsite.com is currently being revitalized with the goal of becoming the #1 website for parents to go to when potty training their children. Whether they just need potty training tips or have potty training problems we want our website to be the place to go.

Currently we are working with some moms one on one to get their children potty trained as they also review our website, blog and the e-book for free.

These three families will be significantly helping us make the website a much friendlier, popular place to visit.

Ten additional families will receive the current copy of the e-book for half price. This offer is good through June 2, 2009.  To request additional information

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Potty training problems

I often get asked a very common potty training problem question: Why does my child pee in the potty but not poop? They have tried for months if not a year to get their child to use the potty for both peeing and pooping.

There are some valid reasons for a child refusing to poop in the potty. When a child is still wearing a diaper or even a pull up and they poop it is close to them. They don't have to worry about it falling into some scary thing (the potty). Sitting on the potty can be scary enough for some children which is why I recommend starting out with the small potty. If there have been any traumatic experiences such as constipation pooping in anything else than a comforting diaper is going to result in resistance.  If a child has had physical complications such as a deformed anus or even born with out one and had to have surgery this can also pose an issue.

The most important thing parents must remember is Be patient, encouraging and understanding. Find creative ways to keep your child comfortable and cooperative with potty training. It is also very important to stay consistent even when your child may resist. Give them a nudge without forcing them to go or even bribing. If they find comfort in a favorite toy such as a stuffed animal or a blanket allow them to take it with them to the potty. Or if you know your child can be entertained by the tv or even a favorite movie try that. A child may find comfort in having a lollipop or a popsicle. Creative and healthy ways is very important because potty training is a vital part of your childs development.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Potty Training Problems

Lately I have been getting questions from parents regarding pooping in the potty. It seems their child will go pee pee but not pooping. This is quite common in children. There can be many factors though.

One, a child has been in a diaper since birth. When they poop it stays next to their skin. Transitioning from the diaper to using the potty can be an overwhelming experience. The potty can be scary too. Also, some children experience painful or traumatic bowel movement incidents. This can leave a lasting impression on them. I dealt with the doesn't want to poop in the potty problem mostly with my middle child. 

What I did was let my son take his favorite toy with him to the potty which at that time was Blue from Blue's Clues. Within a few days I was able to get better cooperation with him. 

I also recommend utilizing a consistent schedule taking him or her to the potty as often as you can such as every hour. Be creative in ways to keep your child occupied and entertained because children during the toddler and preschool years definitely do not want to sit and wait.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Potty Training Problems

I still remember so much about the problems I faced with potty training my middle child and oldest son Caleb over three years ago in 2006.

I had tried to potty train him since the year prior. Everything had been going great. We went and purchased a potty and he was showing interest in using it. Then I lost my job, found out I was expecting another baby and his father and I separated. I was very stressed out. 

It was hard to deal with an unplanned pregnancy and a toddler who didn't want to potty train. I thought I had enough time though to recover from the stresses in my life to work on potty training Caleb.

However, it wasn't that easy. I tried several times inconsistently to work on potty training. As he got older it was getting more frustrating. Then I had the baby and Caleb wanted to also be the baby.  It even got to the point of pressure from friends and family besides the embarassment of having neighbor children come to my door telling me Caleb had messed in his pants. I was beginning to feel overwhelmed.

Once I was introduced to the potty training your child in 72 hours I was able to get my son potty trained in one weekend. All it really took for me was to relax and allow Caleb to take his favorite most comforting toy with him to use the potty. The relief I felt when he started going on his own was a blessing. 

For Caleb though, I found out a few months later that part of his delay in potty training was also about his developmental delays that were diagnosed in Head Start Pre-K.  

Whether it is potty training boys or potty training girls or potty training boys pottytrainingsite.com is constantly striving to improve the potty training method to fit all children.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Potty training

My youngest son Hunter recently potty trained which was a great relief. He resisted for some time because of pressure from his daycare and dad to get potty trained. I was all for letting him show readiness though his dad insisted he get potty trained to move on to a great preschool his older siblings had attended.

This past weekend Hunter was invited to a daycare friends birthday party. I was a little concerned in the back of my mind about him staying dry. Even though it has been nearly two months since he successfully trained, I was still a little hesistant. Hunter still has to be reminded about going everyday although he will tell me at least twice he needs to go.

The birthday party was going to be filled with other children Hunter's age with some a little older and a little younger. One of the first things the host-grandma showed us was where the bathrooms were. Of course at any given time the bathrooms were both occupied with preschoolers throughout the two hour period.

Since most of the kids were active just about the entire time of the party I realized I was going to have to take Hunter myself. He did resist a little with me until I sat him down on the pottty, held him (to keep from falling in) and just talking to him. Within a minute he did his business and was ready to go back to the party festivities.

It is so important for parents to understand that just because their child is now potty trained it does not mean they will automatically go on their own or tell you when they have to go, especially when you are out doing errands. 

For a time you will have to take time out and take them to the potty. Always have something that will keep your child cooperative and or comfortable. 

For my kids they were terrified of flusing the potty out in a public place since it would flush very loudly. Since I usually have an older child with me, a friend or a family member, I usually let my child go to them then flush it.

In time your child will be able to let you know when they have to go potty. Even after successful training a schedule and consistentcy still needs to be maintained to avoid accidents.

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Potty Training

Potty training has its ups and downs. As a mom of three kids I understand many of them. My daughter who is 11 now was the easiest to potty train. For my middle child, he went through the most stressful times in our lives though he also had some developmental delays that contributed to him potty training so late. For my youngest son he was constantly pushed at daycare and by his dad to get potty trained. Once they decided to back off he decided to work with them.

As a parent you have to be observant of the environment your child is currently in while potty training. If it is stressful I recommend a parent back off for awhile until things calm down. If your child has been tested or is showing indications of a developmental delay, be prepared that it is going to take more time to get them trained.

Often I get questions from parents about using pull ups. When they first came out I thought they were the greatest thing until I found out from some daycare providers that they mostly hinder the potty trainining process. In fact, I was told they are not much different than a diaper.

With my youngest son though, his dad and the daycare insisted he be put in them. Now, had my friend Janice been working at the daycare as she used to, she would not have recommended them. She would have put my son directly into underwear and worked with him.

For my middle child pull ups were the only thing we could use after awhile because he grew out of the biggest diaper available. 

One main concern for parents while potty training is taking them out to do errands or visit places like a friends or grandma and grandpa's house. I recommend that parents take their child to the potty to sit for a few minutes just before walking out the door. With my youngest child I still take two extra pairs of clothing.

I do my best to keep up with the times he goes to the potty by taking him about every hour. At least twice a day he will tell me himself he has to go. Otherwise I see him holding himself or dancing around.

Children are active little creatures so the last thing they want to do is sit on the potty. I remind parents of this because a child is going to find some reason to not go sit on the potty. Find something that is comforting and entertaining such as a toy when taking them. If you have to for a while use the small potty and put it in their play room, bedroom or wherever they are watching tv. This has worked great for my kids and has resulted in less messes to deal with. And less potty training clothing accidents to change.

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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Potty training

Potty training is a learning process for your child. The questions I have been receiving from parents lately is why won't my child tell me when they have to go potty? When I dig further I discover they are still in the potty training process.

This is a very important time in your child's psychological development. When you are consistently taking your child to the potty they will begin to relate the feelings/urges they get with peeing and pooping as it is time to go potty. Accidents happen and are common. What I want parents to understand is that this is part of the potty training process. Your child is learning something they have never learned before.

Parents are the teachers as well as childcare providers. What you make of potty training with your child is going to last their life time whether it is on the surface or deep within. I encourage parents to be creative and stay as positive as possible during the potty training process.

As a mom of three children I do understand that all children develop differently. They learn differently and they potty train at various times. I am also a mom with a child who has had developmental delays as well as Sensory Integration Disorder. 

Potty training a child with a delay or disorder is more of a challenge. It takes a lot more time and dedication to successful potty training. I am here to encourage parents to take time out and bond with their children during this time. It can be a rewarding experience for both parent and child.

It is so important to also have support during this time. As a fairly new single mom to three kids I understand many parents do not have a spouse, signifcant other or support. With pottytrainingsite.com you are not alone. We have our weekly mini e-course emails, our full e-course book, email support, blog and constatant presence on Yahoo Answers. 

On pottytrainingsite.com we are parents and have an extensive background with early development of children including potty training. We are constantly striving to improve our potty training method to answer the questions of so many parents. Our full course e-course(book) offers a full money back guarantee within 60 days of purchase. How many other websites offer this with your purchase? We understand that not every parent will have success from our e-course although we want it to be.  I encourage parents to consider the benefits pottytrainingsite when searching for help with potty training.

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Friday, May 01, 2009

Potty training

When I am answering questions from parents regarding potty training, one of the most common issues is transitions.

Parents start a new job, mom is expecting a new baby, they have or will be moving or something else. Their child was doing great with potty training and suddenly they have regressed. 

Whenever there are transitions in the household and your child has just potty trained chances are there will be some regression (potty accidents). The best way to handle regression is to understand first that your child is feeling the tension or any other feelings you may be having. Secondly, be patient with your child.

Potty training truly is a learning experience as well as a learning process for them parents and daycare providers are the teachers when it comes to potty training. The child is being taught to relate the feelings/urges they get when peeing or pooping as it is time to go potty. 

Thus the more you take the child to the potty to try and go the quicker the correlation will be for them. Granted there are children who pick it up quickly and some who take a little more time such as a child with a developmental delay.

Find some time to be with your child to just hold them, comfort them and most of all reassure them that even with the transitions going on you are there for them. 

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