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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Potty Training Problems

I still remember so much about the problems I faced with potty training my middle child and oldest son Caleb over three years ago in 2006.

I had tried to potty train him since the year prior. Everything had been going great. We went and purchased a potty and he was showing interest in using it. Then I lost my job, found out I was expecting another baby and his father and I separated. I was very stressed out. 

It was hard to deal with an unplanned pregnancy and a toddler who didn't want to potty train. I thought I had enough time though to recover from the stresses in my life to work on potty training Caleb.

However, it wasn't that easy. I tried several times inconsistently to work on potty training. As he got older it was getting more frustrating. Then I had the baby and Caleb wanted to also be the baby.  It even got to the point of pressure from friends and family besides the embarassment of having neighbor children come to my door telling me Caleb had messed in his pants. I was beginning to feel overwhelmed.

Once I was introduced to the potty training your child in 72 hours I was able to get my son potty trained in one weekend. All it really took for me was to relax and allow Caleb to take his favorite most comforting toy with him to use the potty. The relief I felt when he started going on his own was a blessing. 

For Caleb though, I found out a few months later that part of his delay in potty training was also about his developmental delays that were diagnosed in Head Start Pre-K.  

Whether it is potty training boys or potty training girls or potty training boys pottytrainingsite.com is constantly striving to improve the potty training method to fit all children.

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