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Friday, May 01, 2009

Potty training

When I am answering questions from parents regarding potty training, one of the most common issues is transitions.

Parents start a new job, mom is expecting a new baby, they have or will be moving or something else. Their child was doing great with potty training and suddenly they have regressed. 

Whenever there are transitions in the household and your child has just potty trained chances are there will be some regression (potty accidents). The best way to handle regression is to understand first that your child is feeling the tension or any other feelings you may be having. Secondly, be patient with your child.

Potty training truly is a learning experience as well as a learning process for them parents and daycare providers are the teachers when it comes to potty training. The child is being taught to relate the feelings/urges they get when peeing or pooping as it is time to go potty. 

Thus the more you take the child to the potty to try and go the quicker the correlation will be for them. Granted there are children who pick it up quickly and some who take a little more time such as a child with a developmental delay.

Find some time to be with your child to just hold them, comfort them and most of all reassure them that even with the transitions going on you are there for them. 

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