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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Potty training problems

Do you ever have problems with your child regarding potty training at their daycare or school? My best friend forwarded this interesting news article to me this morning:

When I first read the article I was shocked to find out what the child's teacher had done after he had an accident. From what was read this was not the first time this child has had an accident.

While feelings regarding what the teacher did were mixed, once I analyzed the situation I understood the teachers intentions. However, I did not agree with her sending evidence home to the parents. Perhaps a phone call to the parents when the incident happened is sufficient.

Potty training doesn't always go as planned. Days, weeks, months and even years may go by and suddenly a child is having accidents. It can be from extreme stress, physical ailments, diseases, etc.

I remember my brother having serious problems early on in elementary school. He had numerous bowel movement accidents at home and school. Our principal was on medical leave and the interim principal had enough and put my brother on homebound for the remainder of his third grade year.

Another three years go by and the two of us are living with our paternal grandmother. She takes him to her doctor who finally diagnosed him as having a Spastic colon. With exercise particularly to build his stomach muscles and some changes in his diet within a month there was a drastic change.

Many people just assumed it was a mental issue for my brother. He was chastised, disciplined and isolated during all those years before his diagnosis. Even the people whom he was supposed to depend on for an education let him down immensely. 

At 28 years old my brother is a totally different person. I am not sure about him though the memories of those years living with him and his spastic colon have left a lasting impression I believe in order to help others.

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