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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Potty Training

Every day I am asked questions about when to start potty training or how should one deal with problems that arise?

Potty training is a BIG transition for a child. They have been depending on mom and or dad since birth to care for them. Now it is time to be trained to do something Big on their own.

Potty training girls is typically around age 2 to 2 1/2 although I have met parents who have successfully potty trained their daughters as early as a year old. Potty training boys is typically around age 3 to 3 1/2. Again, this is just average. Some boys have potty trained at age 2. Look for the cues to see if your child is ready.

If they are staying dry during nap time and at bed time, showing discomfort in wearing a soiled diaper and/or wanting to use the potty then your child is indicating they are ready to go for the big transition.

I remind parents that potty training is a learning experience for their child. Make it as positive as possible. If you become frustrated, upset or even discouraged your child will pick up on it and refuse to potty train.

There are times though that potty training will have setbacks and can get you down. I know because I have been there with all three of my kids. I can also tell you though that those setbacks do get better eventually disappearing.

Even my middle child who is almost seven has times he wets the bed. So how do I deal with it? Many times I forget to stop letting him have drinks after a certain time before bedtime. I have to remind him to use the bathroom before bed. When he is at his dads he wakes him up about an hour or two after going to sleep for the night.

Potty training my middle child was a challenge. Only later on I found out why it was this way. My son Caleb at 2 1/2 was showing interest in using the potty. I bought him a potty and began showing him how to use it. He became successful at peeing in it. The pooping though was another issue. Shortly after beginning the process, I lost my job then I found out I was expecting a baby. His dad and I had separated then we had to move. All these transitions led to him refusing to potty train. Nearly a year later my son still had very little interest in potty training. In fact, he didn't care to go out, play and run around with a soiled pull up until a neighborhood child would come and let me know about it.  This was embarassing for me and frustrating. Soon I met Janice who along with her husband Mike started the website pottytrainingsite.com .

It took just a weekend to get my son potty trained, just in time to sign up for Head Start Pre-K. I was happy yet very cautious. 

There are many parents going through similar issues as I did. Sometimes potty training problems arise because children are just not ready or there is a big transition going on. If a parent is feeling frustrated or pushing the potty training issue it is going to lead to major setbacks.

Parents too have to be relaxed and ready for potty training. You want to keep potty training a positive learning experience for your child or even children.

Consistency is a major factor in successful potty training. Create a schedule and stick to it. If you decide to put your child in panties or underwear then stay with it. Switching back and forth from diapers, pull ups to panties or underwear will confuse the child.

If your child is not willing to be stuck in the bathroom to be potty trained then be open to having the potty in a room where there is a television to watch movies or their favorite television shows. Allow your child to take a favorite toy with them to use the potty. With both of my boys especially the middle one, having a toy made a huge difference. He was into blue's clues then so he carried his big blue into the bathroom. This is when he started using the potty all on his own. If they love to be read to, consider reading a book. The same is true with singing. Whatever gets them comfortable enough to potty utilize it.

My youngest son Hunter has cooperated so much better when I allow him to carry a Thomas the train or one of Thomas' friends to the potty. He is comfortable and willing to try.

You must also remember that kids will tell you they do not need to go. In the beginning you will have to make your child go until they show consistency and independence in going to the potty.

It is okay to nudge your child. Be observant in what makes your child comfortable when using the potty. This is also a time to bond with your child. If at all possible potty train when you can dedicate a few days to just them.

What is your story? Have you had instant success or have you experienced challenges? 

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