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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Making A Potty Training Chart

Free Potty Training Chart

Many parents have found that using a potty training chart has been fun and helpful while going through the potty training stage. I know there are many free charts available, but I suggest that you make your own. A child loves to do things with his parents and this is a good project to work on while you explain what it is going to be used for.

Is all you need is a poster board, some crayons or markers, stickers, glue, magazine pictures of children using the potty, and some imagination which will come from your child. Also put words on the poster like "big kid" or "I can do it". Allow your child to color the poster and watch the excitement grow.

Make potty training fun for you and your child. The method I teach shows you how to include your child's imagination while learning to potty.

This is a time of bonding as well as learning to take responsibility. Your child can use his imagination as he learns to use the potty and when he does use the potty he will be happy to place a sticker or draw a picture on the chart you and he created.

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