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Monday, September 01, 2008

Potty Train a girl or Potty Train a boy it doesn't matter

Our method works. Thousands of parents over the last two years have bought the e-course. Parents who were at wits end, desperate to get their child potty trained before a new baby, house move, or school.

I know and understand because I am one of those success stories. My son Caleb was nearing his 4th birthday. I was also in the middle of a nasty custody battle for my youngest son. Somehow my youngest sons father found out about Caleb not being potty trained and held that over my head...

I was mad, determined, and at wits end all at the same time. I met Janice at church during a discipleship class. I talked to her about my struggles with Caleb. At that time I had no idea she had her very own website and e-course to teach parents how they can potty train their child.

Desperate to try anything, I took advantage of Janice's offer. Try the method on my own and if it didn't work she would potty train Caleb herself.

I went home still skeptical. I did learn though that all the times I was tense, upset, or even emotional Caleb would pick up on that and rebel.

I implemented the techniqes Janice told me about. Within 2 days Caleb was using the potty on his own. I waited a week to be sure he really was using the potty by himself.

Relief and a ton of bricks fell off my shoulders. I was so happy. He could now go to Head Start.

You can be another success story.

Is your child ready?

Are YOU ready?

Do you have underwear or panties?

Do you understand there are going to be accidents while potty training?

Can you stay persistent?

As long as you answer yest to all the questions you can begin potty training.

Most parents who fail to get their child potty trained successfully are feeling tense and anxious. They want results now.

Our e-course is not magic. It is precise information for parents ready to take on a learning challenge for both them and their child.

It is about keeping a positive attitude and staying optimistic.

To find out more if you and your child are ready visit our Forum!



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