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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Accidents and odors

Even before I began potty training my own children every once in awhile they would have accidents the diapers just wouldn't hold up to.

After I got them potty trained, they still would sometimes have accidents.

At night was probably the worst for my son Caleb. If I forgot to remind him to use the potty before bedtime, sometimes he would have an accident in bed.

What's worse is the stains left behind by accidents. It didn't matter how many times I washed things the stain still lingered.

I have tried many sprays that are supposed to contain odor fighting ingredients. Some just cover it and others do not have such a pleasant smell like they claim.

Then I came across a spray called S.O.S which is a smoke, odor, and stain eliminator. I was skeptical this would even work. It is made by a company most people have not even heard of.

I tested it on my furniture, in my garbage can, and on my oldest children's bags and things- their father smokes. So when they come back from dad's house everything smells like cigarette smoke. It's embarassing for us to be smelling like that.

I love S.O.S because it really does eliminate the odors. They don't come back after awhile either.

As for stains, it does really work. We know that grape juice stains. Try having a powder vitamin supplement containing grape seed extract and red wine stained on your carpet that is brand new.

It was on my carpet for two days before I used S.O.S. I sprayed it on the stained area. I let it sit. I came back a few hours later and sprayed some more then I started working on it with a wash cloth. At first I was concerned I was just spreading it rather than cleaning it up.

I worked on it for five minutes and could see progress. There was still a small area so I sprayed S.O.S again and let it sit. I came back several hours later and sprayed some more then worked on it again. This time I got all of the stain out. I was so happy and pleased with the S.O.S.

I have used it on the carpet when I let my youngest son "air out." He wasn't ready for potty training . I used S.O.S when he had accidents on the carpet.

To find out more about S.O.S: Here is the information and if you want to purchase S.O.S



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