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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Potty training

My youngest son Hunter recently potty trained which was a great relief. He resisted for some time because of pressure from his daycare and dad to get potty trained. I was all for letting him show readiness though his dad insisted he get potty trained to move on to a great preschool his older siblings had attended.

This past weekend Hunter was invited to a daycare friends birthday party. I was a little concerned in the back of my mind about him staying dry. Even though it has been nearly two months since he successfully trained, I was still a little hesistant. Hunter still has to be reminded about going everyday although he will tell me at least twice he needs to go.

The birthday party was going to be filled with other children Hunter's age with some a little older and a little younger. One of the first things the host-grandma showed us was where the bathrooms were. Of course at any given time the bathrooms were both occupied with preschoolers throughout the two hour period.

Since most of the kids were active just about the entire time of the party I realized I was going to have to take Hunter myself. He did resist a little with me until I sat him down on the pottty, held him (to keep from falling in) and just talking to him. Within a minute he did his business and was ready to go back to the party festivities.

It is so important for parents to understand that just because their child is now potty trained it does not mean they will automatically go on their own or tell you when they have to go, especially when you are out doing errands. 

For a time you will have to take time out and take them to the potty. Always have something that will keep your child cooperative and or comfortable. 

For my kids they were terrified of flusing the potty out in a public place since it would flush very loudly. Since I usually have an older child with me, a friend or a family member, I usually let my child go to them then flush it.

In time your child will be able to let you know when they have to go potty. Even after successful training a schedule and consistentcy still needs to be maintained to avoid accidents.

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