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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Toilet racing - with video!

Toilet training has taken on a new meaning in a town which has shunned F1 in favour of WC1.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Secret and Potty Training

The Secret DVD

Oprah is covering The Secret today. I really enjoyed the movie even if it left out some parts that are important to me and my spiritual process.

In summary, the secret as revealed in The Secret is that what ever we think about expands or becomes reality in our lives.

These are exactly the same principles that Janice and I have been teaching to parents of toddlers for years. Potty Training problems are always manifestations of some frustration experienced by the parents. The more they focus on the potty training problems the more potty training problems appear in their lives - at the worst possible times.

In our Course "How to Potty Train your child in one weekend" we teach you how to create a positive atmosphere that guarantees potty training success. There is a whole chapter devoted to how to tune your emotions so that your child will pick up on your positive vibrations.

Also, we don't just leave you with the idea that just by thinking positive thoughts you child will be automatically potty trained. We also give you step by step instructions on how to take action on those positive thoughts.

These very specific actions taken in the proper order will completely rid you of your potty training frustrations even if there is still an occasional potty accident.

Now that you know The Secret, get you copy of our potty training tips course and end your potty training problems right now. Click here to order.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wintertime Potty Training

Potty Training In The Wintertime Weather

Have you ever noticed that just as you get your child ready to go out to play in the snow you hear these words, "I have to go potty."? Now you have to take all the layers of clothing off just to find that he couldn’t wait and now he is wet.

There is a solution to this little problem that causes much frustration. Take a diaper or pull-up and put it on your child over the top of his underwear. This will protect his clothes from getting wet if he can’t wait to get to the potty.

Usually is what happens, when the child feels the cold air this causes his body to react by making him need to use the potty. By placing a diaper or pull-up on over the underwear the outer clothes are protected and the child doesn’t have to go in immediately to be changed. You don’t have to be frustrated and your child can still feel like a big kid even if he doesn’t make it to the potty in time.

By having the underwear under the diaper or pull-up your child will still feel the wetness, but he won’t have the cold feeling from having on wet clothes. Try it and have fun in the snow.

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