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Monday, November 15, 2010

Potty Training

Preparing for the upcoming holidays with a toddler can be a challenge, unless you are prepared. It's getting that time to do shopping for the Thanksgiving meal, Shopping on Black Friday and the days leading up to Christmas.

And not all the time will you have a babysitter, which leaves you stuck to take the children along. The one thing that would make life easier is to have your child potty trained in time for the holidays, right?

Getting your child potty trained means: No carrying around a bulky diaper bag, worrying about laying your child down on a diaper changing station that you have no idea if it has ever been sanitized or your child soiling their pants in the store and everyone nearby smelling it.

When you're shopping the last thing you want to be doing is carrying around a bulky diaper bag along with your purse and lots of shopping bags. You definitely do not want your child to be exposed to germs from viruses such as rotovirus, right? I rarely ever had to use the diaper changing station when I was out. For one, they were not as available as they are now. Sometimes though, looking at them alone would cause me to cringe and I refused to lay my child down on one of them. Yes, they are handy, but seriously, do you know when the last time it was sanitized? By the time you get your child secured on the table, unpack the diapers and wipes, clean your child up, put a new diaper on, get them redressed, throw the soiled diaper away, and figure out how to get your hands washed, it gets exhausting! Changing a diaper is not like when they are newborns when they will lay still. Once they master rolling over they become wiggle worms.

The most embarrassing thing to happen is to be in the middle of shopping when you realize your child is straining while having a bowel movement. Or worse yet, your child has one and how you find out along with everyone else around you is the smell. Chances are most stores are going to be packed with other shoppers.

Imagine what life would be like to have a child you can easily take to the restroom to use the potty, that most places now offer toilet seat covers.

You have the freedom to have more time to shop rather than stopping to check for a wet or soiled diaper.

The best part is that ALL the money you have spent for diapers can now be invested into Christmas gifts. Within a one year period, a family may spend upwards of $500 to $1000 a year on one child alone, just on diapers. Add to it baby wipes and the occasional use of diaper rash ointment you have spent enough to at least take you and another person on a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas!

For $27 I will explain to you the method of getting your child potty trained in one weekend. If you can spend three days focusing on getting your child potty trained, this method will be successful.

I do have to caution parents out there who have been through recent changes. A new baby, a new house, mom or dad returning to work, or any other significant changes require some settling in time, especially for children. When you believe your child is showing signs of readiness (I.E. interest in using the potty or wanting to remove soiled diapers) it is the time to prepare yourself for potty training.

So, would you rather continue to spend $10 or $20 a week in diapers and wipes or are you willing to make a one time investment of $27 in a e-book that will thoroughly teach you how to get your child successfully potty trained? Get the potty training tips you need to accomplish a milestone in your child's life in one place, in one book by people who understand and have personal as well as professional experience.

For more information and to make your one time investment, click on this link: Pottytrainingsite.com

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    I am potty training now!

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