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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Potty Training Tips

Make potty training a fun time by adding a game from Find It Games. I was recently asked to try one of the games out by the company. Let me tell you, it has been one of the funnest games and even more hilarious to watch grown ups nearly fight over who gets to play with it!

The games consist of a tubular device filled with beads along with items to search for. I chose the kids version but there are others such as Beach, Wizard of Oz and Zoo. While it does say for ages 8 to 98 as long as there is an adult supervising this really is a great game for a child working on potty training. It grabs their attention in a great,even educational way.

To learn more about the company and their games visit finditgames.com. You can also find them on Facebook. And through July 31st, my readers can receive a $5 off discount with the purchase of any of the games by using the promo code FIGBLOG.

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