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Monday, May 17, 2010

Review of Lily's Potty & Pete's Potty Toddler books

A short time ago I was asked to review two toddler's board books by Begin Smart. One is for potty training girls and is titled "Lily's Potty" while the other is for potty training boys titled "Pete's Potty". These two books are "age-appropriate concepts and simple language as well as colorful images".

Both board books are very cute and easy to hold for those small toddler hands. They each have 4 fold out flaps for the little ones which are easy to open. These are great little books for toddler to sit and read while on the potty! Also great for parents to read to their children as a fun exciting book preparing for potty training. I really enjoyed reading both books although my kids are all potty trained now. These by far are some of the best books I have read, related to potty training at a child's level.

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