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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When to Potty Train

Most of us have heard the saying that children don't come with manuals. If there was one it would be bigger than most of us care to spend time reading. Each child reaches milestones at different times. This holds true with potty training.

Some children will begin to take diapers off after they have soiled them. Others may verbally mention peeing or pooping when it takes place. And there are those who just have a curiosity about the potty in general perhaps watching mom, dad or a sibling go.

Encouraging your child to try is important. It's okay to nudge a little as some children will need this boost. If a child has shown interest and then resists when trying, consider a little nudge.

Before you start potty training create a journal. Write down your positive expectations and goals. Make a list of things that you know keeps your child's attention for at least a few minutes. Create a section in the journal to develop a schedule. Consistency is very important for successful potty training. Praising your child every time they make an attempt to go is equally as important as consistency. Encouraging your child in a positive manner goes a long way.

Getting your child potty trained is not a perfect science. It is full of trials and errors as most opportunities of learning are. Parents are the teachers ultimately and it is up to them to make the very best of a milestone in the child's life.

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