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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Potty Training a Special Needs Child

Potty training can be a wonderful, exciting time to bond with your child. Having a special needs child to potty train is no different other than the fact you may have to spend a little more one on one time with them. Be creative and integrate things they enjoy playing with. What gives them entertainment and incorporate it into potty training. If stickers, lollipops or popsicles work then use them.

Most of all, BE Consistent! Take some time before beginning potty training and make a schedule. Dedicate time to work on potty training and nothing else. Always, always, always praise your child for their efforts.

If your child is unable to see or hear well create pictures related to potty training. Let them feel the potty, the toilet paper. Show them books related to potty training, even videos. Motivate and encourage them in ways you know how.

It's okay when they have potty accidents. Let them help you clean the mess up while praising their efforts. Give them hugs of reassurance as you want them to continue trying.

Rewards should be things your child doesn't often receive. Make it special rewards. You may even consider having a potty party for the "graduate."

Potty training is a great time to learn more about your child. It can be one of the most educational, bonding moments for the both of you.

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