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Potty training tips and tricks. How to handle your potty training problems and frustrations. Discover the fastest, easiest most effective method for ending your potty training problems and frustration. This blog is about my adventures in potty training toddlers. Toilet training problems can be handled just like any other developmental situation. Kids pee, kids poop in pants, but is all just another mark on the potty training chart.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Potty Training

Blog #200!!!

Wow, what a milestone for pottytrainingsite! Just as this blog has accomplished a milestone so can your child. Potty training can be an exciting time for both child and parents. More independence, freedoms and opportunities for a child once they have accomplished potty training.

For a Limited time pottytrainingsite.com and the blog are having a celebration sale on the potty training e-course book "Potty Train Your Child in One Weekend"

Potty training can begin at any time as there is not a "magical" age. It is possible for children to become potty trained in one weekend. The method I teach parents is the method I used on my oldest son when I had been struggling to do it all on my own. In one weekend he was completely potty trained. The relief and excitement I felt that weekend is amazing. Before that time I honestly felt he was never going to be potty trained and that I was a failure as a parent.

It doesn't have to be that way. We all get tips, advice and ideas to work on potty training. Since we, the parents are the teachers to our children, it is up to us to tailor the potty training process to our children. One thing may work for one child while it may not with another.

With the e-book Potty Train Your Child in One Weekend it is filled with many tips, advice, ideas to try. We give you a step by step guide on what to do when preparing for potty training, what to do and a trouble shooting guide for those times accidents happen. We give a lot positive encouragement and guidance to parents as they work on potty training with their child.

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