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Friday, April 23, 2010

Potty Training Tips

Top ten tips for beginning potty training:

1)Readiness- Pulling of diaper, wanting to be changed, showing discomfort with a soiled diaper

2)Positive Attitude- The power of a positive attitude affects the way a child views potty training

3)Praise- Every attempt should be praised

4)Consistency- Most important of the potty training process, staying consistent brings faster results

5)Encourage- Giving a little nudge to try potty training. Allow them to take a favorite toy, book or a special treat for entertainment.

6)Exciting- Be creative. Make a list of things that your child enjoys doing.

7)Prepare- Small potty and or a potty seat, kid wipes, underwear/panties, treats, rewards

8)Openness- Be open to the possibility that accidents, regression and frustrations are going to happen. These are temporary things that can be turned around for success.

9)Patience- Having patience and understanding that potty training is a learning process is important.

10)Journal- A place to write about potty training, goals, what your child does for entertainment, their schedule, any ideas to help with potty training issues.

Potty training is a special time in a child's life. This is a big milestone that gives them greater independence. Children learn at different paces leaving the parents to be creative with potty training, use positive praise, to maintain encouragement while continuing to be consistent for success.

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