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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Potty Training Problems

When your child doesn't want to go poop...

This is a very common problem with children at any time during potty training and even after. It can be from anything: using pull ups, a stressful situation at home such as a new home, new sibling, new school,...
Even a painful bowel movement can set them back. Sitting on the potty may be uncomfortable to them. Medical issues can also be a factor.
Children can be ashamed of the potty, afraid of the potty in general, or feel going to the potty around others is a distraction.

Pull ups are similar to diapers and switching to them can cause confusion (even though some parents swear by them). If you're going to potty train get underwear.

If there is any stressful situation at home your child will sense it. A new baby brother or sister can send a child backwards with potty training. Even my middle child, the oldest son did this. Your child going to a new school can be a frightening experience.

Having someone take time daily to show support, encourage, motivate your child can help reduce resistance with potty training.

Painful bowel movements can result in a child resisting. Be aware of their diets to ensure they eat foods that are nutritious. Make sure they are eating foods that can cause constipation in moderation. If your child is showing signs of constipation give them plenty of fluids such as water, lemonade, powerade and foods with fiber.

If you are feeling there may be some concern with your child resisting having a bowel movement it is ideal that you keep a journal of what their potty schedule is, what they have eaten and drank.

Some children have a spastic colon meaning they are unable to control their bowel movements well. My brother had issues for years until he was 11 years old and was diagnosed with a spastic colon. For years he was punished and even placed on homebound. What fixed his problem? Changing his diet a little and him exercising. His stomach muscles were weak at the time of his diagnosis.

Yes, children can be ashamed of going to the potty. They do not understand that it is okay to try the potty and what you would like for them to do. Talk to your child everyday and reassure them that it is okay to sit and use the potty. Take baby steps to introducing them to the potty in a gentle manner. Encourage your child everyday to get closer to using it. Let them touch the potty, observe it. Ask them what they think about it. Would they like to sit on it alone with no one watching? Would they like to show their dolly, stuffed animal, lego people, etc how to use the potty?

Another common issue is that children are afraid of the potty. Watching the potty suck down the water, the loud noise some toilets make after flushing, accidental slip, lid falling on them (with or without injuries)... Taking baby steps to get them over their fears by showing them how to flush and cover their ears (mom or dad showing them and be silly about it), giving them ear muffs to ear plugs to wear or just for awhile getting mom, dad or someone else to flush it for them and then try integrating back into their routine. Use a potty seat or stick with the small potty to avoid slipping into the bowl. If they have to sit on the big potty with no seat the best thing is for someone to help support them. A lid falling on the child or a near miss can scare a child. Again, stick with the small potty or having someone assist them can help.

Encourage, comfort, motivate, be consistent with potty training or dealing with resistance. Patience is a must and taking it baby steps can reduce the resistance over a matter of time.

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  • At 10:09 PM, Blogger Heather said…

    Followng you. Your blog was very informative . My son is older and is still having some issues and I think it may be a control issue but if things dont improve we are going to take him to a doctor . Thanks again.

  • At 10:41 PM, Blogger Miss Liz said…

    Following you from MBC. Great blog, i'm trying to potty train my little one so I could use some tips!

  • At 10:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi, follow you from mbc. Definitely checking back with you in a few months, my son is turning 2 in june and will be trained soon

  • At 7:26 AM, Blogger Jeanette Huston said…

    I am following you from MBC!


    Jeanette Huston


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