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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Potty Training

Potty Training A Special Needs Child

What are some ways to work with a special needs child while potty training?

-Create flash cards showing pictures related to potty training
-Allow them to "explore" the potty (observe it, touch it)
-Demonstrate what the potty is used for
-If the child is wanting to use the potty in an unconventional way (backwards, squatting like a frog, standing up) allow them to. If you attempt to correct them it leads to the possibility of resistance.

All children need consistency and praise when potty training. Getting your child potty trained requires repetition, patience and creativity. All children potty train at different ages and in different ways. Integrate things you know entertains your child into potty training. What gets them calm, relaxed, cooperative?

Make potty training an exciting time and not just another "chore" to work on in a child's life. Potty training is a big milestone in any child's life.

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