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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

On the Personal Side of Potty Training

When I usually post about potty training it is to the point. Today I am going to go on the personal side of potty training. What I am going to say I hope will open the eyes up of parents who are or will be potty training soon.

When you are in the stage of potty training you must do your best to Not punish your child for having potty accidents. The results may not show up right away but I can tell you that your child will resist potty training. In fact, I can promise you that your child will refuse to use the potty.

What parents do not think about is the fact that potty training is a learning process. They are the teachers. So I want to ask and for parents to take into consideration:

-Do you punish your child when they are learning to walk just because they fell while trying? Of course not.

-Do you punish your child when they are learning to talk and they don't pronounce a word correctly? Of course you don't.

-Do you punish your child when they are learning new things and obviously may not get it right the first, second, third time or beyond?

So why would you punish your child for learning to use the potty?

When they have an accident have them help you clean the mess up. Let them know it's okay let's try this again. Continue encouraging your child to go potty. To get them relaxed give them a toy to take to the potty, a book or put the small potty where they can watch a tv show or movie. Put it in the room they are most active in. Take them on a schedule with things to keep them occupied for a small amount of time. Be creative and make potty training an exciting time for the both of you.

Remember parents, you are the teacher. Praise and consistency works a lot better with potty training than punishment. Use positive reinforcement for a positive outcome.

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