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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Potty Training Tips

Summer time is approaching soon and now is the time to work on potty training. When children can wear just their swim suits they have more freedoms in the swimming pools than children who have to wear swimmies. More and more public/private company swimming pools mandate that children with swimmies on either swim in the kiddie pool only (if one is on the premises), limited to a certain amount of time in the pool or are not allowed to swim at all unless potty trained. Thanks in part to serious e-coli outbreaks from contaminated pool water these restrictions are in place. Having your child completely potty trained avoids this situation.

This time is also a great time to work on potty training if your child is to attend preschool in the fall. Imagine having a potty trained child and the both of you enjoying the summer!

With my method it can take just one weekend of dedication. Focus on potty training and potty training only and you can have your child potty trained. You and your child must be in the right mindset, ready to work on this big milestone. To find out more visit the home of pottytrainingsite

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