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Sunday, July 04, 2010

10 Ideas For Potty Training

1) Choose videos that your child loves to sit and watch. Place a small potty where they can enjoy them. If you have a portable video player, consider placing it in the bathroom.

2) Use a hand held game such as a beginners Leap Frog or underwater ring toss

3) If you are a parent that will allow candy or popsicles, this is a great way to grab the attention for even a short period of time.

4) Use bubbles during potty training (watch the eyes though!)

5) Play "potty bingo". Make game boards with pictures or just drawings related to using the potty (potty seat, potty chair, toilet paper, flushing the potty, washing hands, a stool to step up on, panties/underwear, a star or gold seal for the middle box). You can laminate them or dispose of them after using small stickers to cover the items.

6) Play musical potty chairs. Make it a time where you or someone else can sit on the potty alongside your child and play a favorite tune or two. When the music is done, the time is up.

7) If you have an older digital camera or if your child does, let them play with it while sitting on the potty. Some children enjoy getting to use the camera to take pictures.

8) Do you have a walkman, cd player or mp3 player? Consider letting your child choose and listen to music while sitting on the potty.

9) Some children enjoy having a snack or a favorite drink. Put a snack in a ziploc and have a cup ready to go for those times to go try to use the potty.

10) Allow your child to take a favorite toy, book or blanket with them while they go to the potty.

Your goal is to get your child comfortable and relaxed when using the potty. Utilize whatever your child enjoys doing or what relaxes them. Be sure to always praise and encourage them to use the potty. Making it fun can go a long way. As with anything, the potty training tips listed may or may not work with your child. One may work while the others may not. Working with your child to get them comfortable is important for successful potty training. Remember that this is a learning experience and the parent is the teacher helping their child accomplish a great milestone.

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  • At 10:30 PM, Blogger Sofia said…

    Awesome blog! I will surely be coming back as soon as my 2 y/o decides he is ready to go potty!!

    Following from MBC.

  • At 2:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I found this site interesting, but why wait till your child is two years old to start potty training, my daughter is already potty trained and shes 2 years old, maybe we do things differently in Australia.


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