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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Early Spankings Make for Aggressive Toddlers?

Early Spankings Make for Aggressive Toddlers, Study Shows

TUESDAY, Sept. 15 (HealthDay News) -- Children who are spanked as 1-year-olds are more likely to behave aggressively and perform worse on cognitive tests as toddlers than children who are spared the punishment, new research shows.

Though the negative effects of spanking were "modest," the study adds to a growing body of literature that's finding spanking isn't good for children.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Potty Training Frustrations

Having a child who won't potty train for what seems like everything can leave your nerves frayed and at wits end. Daycares give you threatening deadlines, family members hound you and friends refuse to let their kids play with yours just because your child is not potty trained. At times you feel like you are in a corner and cannot get out. You try not to get mad at your child and yet the moment you smell the obvious there is nothing holding you back from lashing out.

All this is normal and common. Parents get frustrated when the pressure is on because their child is not like the others.

At pottytrainingsite.com we understand. Personally, I have been in this situation and it is not one I will soon forget.

Each child potty trains differently: at different ages, different times, different ways and with different people.

Now parents are looking at potty training their children as soon as they start walking. Others still want to wait until they feel their child is ready or more mature. Either way it is okay. And sometimes a child doesn't potty train because of developmental delays or medical problems. If in doubt talk to your child's pediatrician.

If you are a parent of a physically or mentally challenged child it can be that much more challenging to potty train them.

Whatever the situation it takes time, patience, love and understanding for successful potty training. When you are frustrated so is your child. Children are very good at picking up when mom and or dad is frustrated, upset, angry and even sad. If you are in a situation where you are at wits end, take a few days away from potty training. Set your focus on things that are more positive and feel good to you. Allow yourself and your child to recupperate and feel better before resuming potty training. Grab a notebook or a journal and just write what you want with a positive attitude.

With mine I discovered he had some developmental delays that have indicated he is immature for his age. I was taught to change my attitude and let potty training go for a few days. And wouldn't you know it worked! Now I am here to help other parents get through potty training successfully even when things seem very impossible.

No matter what the situation you are not alone.

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