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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Potty Training Tips for crystal children

Potty Training Tips

In her recent podcast, Carol Tuttle talks about the challenges and blessing of raising children of light or crystal children.

Crystal children respond much more to the feeling and emotions of the people around them rather than the words. Carol refers to this as the vibration of the communication.

Our potty training course works extremely well with these children. There is a full chapter on how to deal with your emotions while potty training so that your children will respond better to your instructions.

These potty training tips work not just with crystal children but with all children in our experience.

Click here to visit Carol Tuttle's site. The free podcast is on the "home" page.

To learn more potty training tips Click here

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Through The Eyes Of A Child

The Eyes Of A Child

I read a quote that said: "There are not seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million." Walt Streightiff

It is fun to see what new and exciting things my two year olds can find each day. They always surprise me by what they discover.

Today while I was taking children to the potty they noticed one of the children in the nursery. They love to say hello to the children in the nursery. The two children I had with me became so excited to see one of the teachers holding a little girl in her arms. They were fascinated by her eyes and how she smiled.

She smiled so big she dropped her pacifier. She didn't seem to mind. She just smiled at the two little boys who were talking to her. They were so into talking to her I had to remind them they were on their way back to class for snack.

Just think how much fun life would be for all of us if we just took time to see the world like a child. Not only should we view our world like a child we should also take time to smile at least once everyday.

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Goals of Potty Training

No More Diapers!

When potty training, what is it you are really trying to accomplish? For most people it is No more diapers!

When you listen to Janice's Potty training tips to Lysa, you will hear her suggest to demonstrate
commitment to potty training by having her child help her gather up and discard all the diapers in the house.

Like Lysa, many of you will think that is a drastic step to take. However, this step helps to demonstrate that you are accepting success as the only option. With the right method, attitude and coaching, you cannot fail.

Most goals coaches like myself teach their students to take action as if achieving your goal was a sure thing. If you truly believe that your desire to potty train your child is going to be a reality, be prepared to take the bold step of discarding all the diapers.

Just make sure you are prepared for success. Without the right preparations, tossing the diapers is just wishful thinking and you are doomed for a messy failure.

So prepare yourself with the very best potty training tips and techniques by clicking here.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Listen to Janice on Alive 105

Listen to Janice's interview on The Mike and Ed show recorded January 25th.

Hear Janice's Potty Training tips on Alive105 (mp3)

In this interview she shared tips with Lysa on how to build excitement for potty training, how to control her own emotions and a tip on night time potty training as well.

We are looking forward to hearing how Lysa applies the tips to potty train her little boy.

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Janice on the radio

Janice was featured on the Mike and Ed show on WALV - Alive 105 this morning.

Lysa, who gives reality TV updates, had recently talked about potty training problems she was having with her three year old. Mike and Ed quickly accepted our offer to help.

This morning Janice shared potty training tips with the audience and specific solutions to Lysa's potty training problems.

For more on the Mike and Ed Show, click here.

To solve your own potty training problems, click here to buy the course now.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Childhood memories

"Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.”

– Charles Swindoll


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fun with Children: Making Memories on a Budget

Fun with Children: Making Memories on a Budget
By: Kids Activity Calendar

What childhood memories do you hold dear? For me, it was all the times “life happened”.

The little things like playing outside, riding my bike with the wind in my hair, playing at the park, swimming in the lakes, giggling with friends. None of those moments cost a cent, yet they are some of my most treasured memories.

Making memories on a budget is very easy to do. Choose any of the 31 ideas below and you’ll have a fun-filled time without breaking the bank!
Garden - Plant flowers, fruit trees, herbs, or vegetables. Your child will learn
science, responsibility and have fun!

Snip-it - Give your child old toy catalogs or magazines and safe scissors. Watch them cut all day.

Diggin’ It - Send your child outside with a bucket and small shovel. Shoveling snow, sand, dirt or rocks — it’s all good fun.

Sing - Turn up the radio and sing! Teach your child the music of the 70s, 80s, or 90s.

Play Catch - Throw different items (balloons, tennis balls) to your child. Roll balls to young children.

Sidewalk Chalk - Lay on the sidewalk and take turns outlining each other. Decorate your flat selves.

Cardboard Boxes - Make towers, build cities, design play houses, airplanes, trains, forts and more!

Bubbles - Blow Bubbles. Take turns chasing and popping them.

Masks - Create Masks from Paper bags, paper plates, foam, or anything on hand.

Cards - Introduce your child to all the classic games — UNO, Crazy 8, Go Fish, Old Maid, Memory Match.

Scavenger Hunt - Give your child a list of clues and send him out to find them. Clues can be simple (find a rock) or very advanced (find a piece of granite).

Throw Rocks - Go to a pond, creek, or lake and throw rocks. Try to skip them or aim for
different targets.

Bath Time - Bring kitchen utensils into the bath tub. Bubbles and water can become an imaginary gourmet dinner.

Office - Give your child Junk Mail, stickers, a calculator and pen — they’ll have their own office!

Photography - Let your child use a disposable camera or a digital camera and witness their creativity. They may surprise you!

Picnic - Make some sandwiches and eat them outside.

Cooking - Find age-appropriate recipes and let your child help in the kitchen.

Tag - How many versions of tag do you remember from your childhood? Teach the oldies to your children (freeze tag, TV tag, etc.)

Write a Story - Younger children can write wiggle-worm sentences (much scribbling and pictures). Encourage older children to write chapter books — your child could pen the next Harry Potter or Magic Tree house.

Charades - Toddlers can act out and guess their favorite animals (usually with many sound effects). Older children will enjoy acting out movie titles.

Flashlight - Turn off the lights & make shadow puppets. Or get two flashlights and chase the light beams.

Wildlife - Feed the ducks, squirrels, birds, turtles or fish near you.

Abundance - Every day, have your children tell you what they are thankful for.

Dress Up - Give your children your clothes and watch them imitate you.

Treats - Make cookies and decorate them.

Dance - Turn up the music and Dance!

Play Games - Teach your child all your favorite board games.

Journal - Present a notebook or diary to your child and encourage them to express their feelings with pictures and words.

Tea Party - Grab the stuffed animals and treat them to a delicious cup of imaginary tea.

Keep in Touch - Write a letter to Grandparents, Aunts or Uncles. Teach the importance of family.

I Spy - Come up with age-appropriate clues and let you child guess what you are thinking.

Be sure to print out this list and keep it handy for the next time your children say “MOMMMMMM — we’re bored!”

Article by:
Nicole Dean is a co-founder of www.KidsActivityCalendar.com -- a resource to help parents teach their kids the alphabet in a fun, positive way.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Criminal Potty accidents?

Authorities in Danville, Pa., have decided to drop a disorderly conduct charge against a 12-year-old special education student who they accused of deliberately wetting her pants at school.
A school superintendent now says that it was a mistake to bring police into a case of school discipline.
The girl's mother said the student urinated only because the principal frightened her.


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