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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Goals of Potty Training

No More Diapers!

When potty training, what is it you are really trying to accomplish? For most people it is No more diapers!

When you listen to Janice's Potty training tips to Lysa, you will hear her suggest to demonstrate
commitment to potty training by having her child help her gather up and discard all the diapers in the house.

Like Lysa, many of you will think that is a drastic step to take. However, this step helps to demonstrate that you are accepting success as the only option. With the right method, attitude and coaching, you cannot fail.

Most goals coaches like myself teach their students to take action as if achieving your goal was a sure thing. If you truly believe that your desire to potty train your child is going to be a reality, be prepared to take the bold step of discarding all the diapers.

Just make sure you are prepared for success. Without the right preparations, tossing the diapers is just wishful thinking and you are doomed for a messy failure.

So prepare yourself with the very best potty training tips and techniques by clicking here.

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