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Potty training tips and tricks. How to handle your potty training problems and frustrations. Discover the fastest, easiest most effective method for ending your potty training problems and frustration. This blog is about my adventures in potty training toddlers. Toilet training problems can be handled just like any other developmental situation. Kids pee, kids poop in pants, but is all just another mark on the potty training chart.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Pottytrainingsite coming soon! Potty training with ease

Yes, it's true the pottytraining site will be improving over the next few months. Now under new management, the potty training site will have some of the most up to date articles to help parents get through the potty training phase. Parents with Autistic children as well as children with developmental delays will have resources to refer to when it comes to potty training. Many parents face potty training problems with their boys or girls with or without developmental issues. Pottytrainingsite.com is here to help all parents!

As a parent with a child who has Sensory Integration Disorder with developmental delays, I know it is not easy to find resources that are easily obtainable. If you have a specific potty training topic you want to know more about email me at: contact@pottytrainingsite.com 

With a background in Psychology and Sociolgy as well as a mother of three children, I do have the experience and training to assist parents in getting exactly what they are in need of to keep their stress levels down as well as the ability to continue parenting in many positive ways.

For the next few months there will be many changes made to the website, blog and mini course newsletters. New and exciting changes will be made during this time including audios and videos! Keep checking back and please visit the website www.pottytrainingsite.com . Sign up for our mini course newsletter packed with valuable information that includes a free e-book written by myself and Mike Strawbridge, owner of pottytrainingsite.com.

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