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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Potty Training

Summer time is almost gone and school is about to begin. If your child is not yet potty trained and you want them to be accepted into preschool you still have time. If you are willing to dedicate just one entire weekend to potty training you can get your child potty trained.

Potty training boys and potty training girls can be different. Girls have often been the ones to potty train much easier and faster than boys. The more time you are willing to dedicate to just potty training can mean the difference between getting them potty trained quickly or potting training ups and downs.

Take your child to the potty consistently. This is one of the most important steps in potty training. For more about our e-book and seven week series email newsletters, visit our home website at http://www.pottytrainingsite.com where you will never be alone with potty training.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

The Mommy Song

Monday, July 13, 2009

Potty Training

Have you been all over the internet searching for potty training help? Look no further! The staff at pottytrainingsite.com have been helping parents potty train their children for nearly 30 years combined. Pottytrainingsite.com has been helping parents all over the world since 2005. We offer help as professionals and experienced parents.

Our children have been your average child to children with developmental and physical disabilities. We have personally dealt with common problems such as fear of using the potty, resisting, frustration and delayed potty training. Our potty training help is for potty training a boy or potty training a girl. At pottytrainingsite.com you are not alone. We offer email support, a plethora of stories, tips, seven week series newsletter and advice plus our 45+ page e-book.

We have a wonderful offer for July and August as a back to school special. Purchase our e-book at regular price ($27) and receive a Free Potty Training T-shirt for your child! *Once you have made the purchase you will need to email me: Here with the subject line Free T-Shirt Offer. Please include your email, mailing address, if you child is a boy or girl and what size they wear. Free T-shirt will arrive in 1-3 weeks. This offer is limited to the first 25 people!

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Monday, July 06, 2009

Potty Training Problems

If you have been potty training for longer than six months it may mean it's time to make a change. Potty training can be daunting for some families. They have tried everything under the sun for their child to be potty trained. Over and over again there is resistance and often potty accidents.

I often suggest to parents that they take a week break, purchase our e-book filled with tips, stories and help. I want parents to allow their child to relax while the parents focus on preparing themselves both physically and mentally for potty training.

Children should be potty trained in less than six months. If you feel you have done everything possible take one more try by purchasing our e-book. We offer a money back guarantee.

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