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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jennifer's Top Ten Reasons why you Should Potty Train your Boy or Girl for the Holidays

Enjoy the holiday season this year and get ahead of that New Year's resolution of getting your son or daughter potty trained now!

Our potty training method will give you the boost of confidence you need to get the potty training process behind you. Ten great advantages of getting your child potty trained before Christmas:

1) No more diapers which means you save money, thus more gifts you can buy

2)More time to shop- no more carrying around a diaper bag and searching for a diaper changing station. Taking your child to the potty is much easier.

3)Traveling with a potty trained child is much easier too. Having to stand outside your vehicle in the cold wind, rain, or snow to change a diaper this season is a thing of the past. Ever tried to find a changing station at a rest area?

4)No more worries about running out of diapers or pull ups while traveling or shopping

5)No more embarassing moments because of smelly diapers or bulging saturated diapers

6)The door of opportunity has opened for you and your child to get into pre-school after the holidays!

7)Your child gets to show off their new underwear or panties this holiday season to family and friends telling everyone they are now a big girl or big boy

8)More time for you to prepare for that holiday get together. Imagine your child going to the potty on their own. No more having to stop what you are doing to find a diaper, wipes and a convenient place to change them.

9)No more worries about having a smelly garbage can in the house. Who wants to worry about smells when family and friends will be arriving soon?

10) Our method offers a no hassle money back guarantee. We encourage you to try our method. Parents all over the world have tried our method time and time again. All it takes is a child showing interest in using the potty and a motivated parent ready to work with their child.

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