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Friday, March 31, 2006

Zen and the art of Potty Training

Making the grade in Potty Training

Lately I have restarted reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. I have paused in the section about how grades interfere with learning in college. And how without grades there is no way to judge the quality of writing. And then the question of what defines quality in writing or thought?

So what defines quality potty training? Is it stickers on the chart or is it how happy your child feels?

Just what are you trying to accomplish with potty training? Maybe once you get a clear vision of what you want, you will have an easier time conveying this image to your child.

Take a moment to enjoy this time with your child and choose a potty training method that promotes bonding with your child in a fun and imaginative way. Potty Train in Five Hours does this quite well. I would give it an A, but I not judging.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Positive Parenting

Teach your child how to help.

My husband found a brand new e-book on line today. It is about using a positive method in parenting to get your child to be helpful, respectful and willing to do chores around the house.

It promotes using a reward system in which the child can learn respect for others while earning tickets to be used later for something that he may want to do. It motivates your child to help with chores not just for you but also for others.

Check it out at the following link.

Positive Parenting GOLD

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Potty Accidents Just Happen

Accidents at daycare

Potty training is going very well at the daycare. We are changing fewer diapers, and the children are staying dry. They are even going to poop in the potty.

Every once in a while we have one who just can't get to the potty in time. Today we had a child who went to the potty soon after waking up from her nap. She was proud of herself because she had kept her underwear dry all day.

However, when she went to the potty she didn't get finished. She ended up peeing in her underwear. She was telling me about what she was to do after she went home, when all of a sudden she just gets a blank look on her face. She immediately squeezes her legs together and says,"I'm wet."

I changed her clothes. When I informed her that her mom forgot to put in more underwear, she just looks up and says,"Oh, Mom."

You see even at daycare accidents just sometimes happen.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Potty Accidents At Daycare

Potty accidents at daycare

Today was a fun day and a good day for the ones who are potty training at the daycare. All ten of the two year olds in the class are potty training, and sometimes we have some funny accidents.

The other day one of the little boys was standing at the potty to peepee, and while there, he decided to turn around to talk to me. Well you guessed it, his peepee ended in the floor. At first it surprised him, but he soon began to laugh. I also laughed and then cleaned up the accident.

We have had poopie accidents at the potty as well. One child likes to look and see if he pooped in the potty. If he did, he usually gets it on the potty as he looks in the potty. This is a bigger mess to clean, but I just clean up the mess and wash my hands really well.

I know many of you get tired and frustrated when your child has accidents. If you will do your best to stay calm and be patient with your child they will soon stop having potty accidents. Remember this is a learning process just like walking and talking, but it just takes a little longer to master.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Potty Training Accidents

Potty training accidents

When you are potty training your child I understand how you feel when it just seems like they don’t get it. They have too many accidents and you feel as if you are constantly changing diapers.

Sometimes I feel this way at the daycare. There are days that when one poops in their diaper, they all poop in their diaper. At daycare as I change their diaper I remind them that they should tell me when they need to potty and I will take them. I also tell them that someday they will not be wearing diapers, and they will use the potty like the big kids at daycare.

I encourage you to remind your own child that they will soon be using the potty and will not need diapers anymore. As you do this it helps you and your child to feel better, and the potty accident is no longer as important. Your child will not feel like they disappointed you and will want to try to stay dry and clean more often.

Stay patient, be calm, and smile, even when you have to change another diaper.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

No Longer Refuses To Potty

Now goes to the potty

Today something happened at day care that was interesting. We have a child that has been fighting us about going to the potty. This child just simply refused to go.

Today this child realized their best friend has moved up to the next class. When the child saw this, the child wanted to be with their friend. We explained that they have to go to the potty and be wearing underwear. (They cannot wear diapers or pull-ups in the next class.)

After explaining this the child began to go to the potty without any fighting. The child has decided they now want to potty and be in the next class with their friend. This child is now on the way to being potty trained.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Potty Chart And Rewards

Potty chart and rewards

We have been using a potty progress chart in our day care room this week, and the children love it. We started using smiley faces but are now using stickers.

The children love getting the stickers and placing them by their name on the potty progress chart. Today one child had to show his Mom all his stickers that he had gotten for going to the potty. He was so excited and proud of his stickers.

Another good thing with our potty progress chart is that the children are learning to recognize their names. They are even learning what the letters are in their names.

This chart has been good for the children and it gives them something to show their parents each day.

One other thing we do is that each time a child poops in the potty they get one very special treat. This is the only time they get this special treat, and they are doing their best at pooping in the potty for the special treat. No one wants to be left behind in getting stickers or a special treat.

Because of the treats and stickers the children are having less accidents which helps them to feel good about their accomplishments. They are also learning that they have more time to play if they don't have to be changed. The parents are also noticing a difference in that the children are having less accidents at home.

You may want to try using a potty progress chart in your home or have your child's day care use one to help with potty training. It works, and the children are happy and proud of what they are accomplishing.