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Friday, March 03, 2006

Potty Chart And Rewards

Potty chart and rewards

We have been using a potty progress chart in our day care room this week, and the children love it. We started using smiley faces but are now using stickers.

The children love getting the stickers and placing them by their name on the potty progress chart. Today one child had to show his Mom all his stickers that he had gotten for going to the potty. He was so excited and proud of his stickers.

Another good thing with our potty progress chart is that the children are learning to recognize their names. They are even learning what the letters are in their names.

This chart has been good for the children and it gives them something to show their parents each day.

One other thing we do is that each time a child poops in the potty they get one very special treat. This is the only time they get this special treat, and they are doing their best at pooping in the potty for the special treat. No one wants to be left behind in getting stickers or a special treat.

Because of the treats and stickers the children are having less accidents which helps them to feel good about their accomplishments. They are also learning that they have more time to play if they don't have to be changed. The parents are also noticing a difference in that the children are having less accidents at home.

You may want to try using a potty progress chart in your home or have your child's day care use one to help with potty training. It works, and the children are happy and proud of what they are accomplishing.



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