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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Great expectations in Potty Training

What to expect from your potty training child?

My high school chemistry teacher taught me that usually what we get out of life is exactly what we expect. I really did not understand her then but I beginning to see this concept played out more and more.

If you expect to have problems with you child while potty training, then you will surely find them. You may go as far as creating problems when they don't exist.

Lets say for example that you pick up your darling daughter at day care and she has wet panties. Now if you expect her to be having trouble with potty training and you are frustrated about these problems already, then you may scold her and cause her to be scared and have even more trauma about going to the potty.

However, if you pick up your darling daughter at day care and she has wet panties but you have been expecting her to make progress with her potty training mistakes, you may find that she was in line to go to the potty but she just did not make it in time. She did every thing she could right but her little body just did not cooperate that time. You could then take a moment to give her some positive reinforcement before changing her clothes. Then you could have a talk with your child's teacher about helping her get to the potty quicker.

More often than not, you get what you expect when potty training. So expect the best.



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