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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Refuses to go Potty

Refuses to go to the potty

Getting children to go to the potty isn't always easy. Children get busy just like their parents. Children often will refuse to go to the potty because they want to play or watch their favorite show on television.

If your child is refusing to go to the potty you will need to take a break from potty training and give your child time to be in control of going to the potty.

When your child just doesn't want to stop playing long enough to potty, you may try allowing them to take the toy they are playing with to the potty. If the toy is too big, reassure the child that the toy will still be there, and they can play more when they return from the potty.

You may even try placing a potty chair in the room where the child is playing. They may then feel free to potty without losing sight of what they were doing, and they will soon realize that when they have to potty they can still have time to play.

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