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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Potty Training: Are YOU Ready?

In this article these experts bring up an important and often overlooked aspect of potty training: Getting the parents ready for toilet training! The toddler already knows what to do - just not where.

As the toilet trainer, you must be ready to devote both time and attention to the child to avoid serious problems. All communication needs to be consistent. If the child is in childcare, it is important that the providers and the parents communicate on the language used. Since the terms feces and urine are difficult for children to say, we normally us words like poop and pee. Whatever you call it, it must be the same at daycare and at home to avoid confusing the toddler who is trying so hard to please everyone.

Parents often have trouble letting go of their little babies and subconsciously want them to stay babylike forever. Be sure to acknowledge any such feelings and deal with them before they sabotage your efforts. Toddlers are much better at reading subconscious messages like vocal tone and body language than they are at understanding words. Make sure you are sending a consistent message.



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