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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Severe potty training problems!

NewsNet5.com - News - Police: Man Beats Potty-Training Child For Having Accidents

I almost cried when I read this headline! It still amazes me that in this modern time people still think they can use force to change someones behavior.

No punishment is ever going to change what someone has done all their life. Clear instruction and motivation are needed to make a change.

From the sub headline: "Man Charged With Beating Girlfriend's 18-Month-Old Daughter" I am guessing they were starting the process way too early. Although some children can potty train that early, it takes a very special environment, a very patient trainer and a sound training method. I am guessing none of these elements were present in this situation.

Please don't let Potty Training frustration lead you to rash behavior. If you want a method that eleminates frustration and creates the right environment for successful training, get Potty Training in 5 Hours because it will show you step by step how to avoid frustration and struggles.

Show love to your children because it makes life much more fun.



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