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Friday, January 20, 2006

Mommy Goes Poop in the Potty

Easy Tip on Potty Training

I found this funny story , and I thought it was a good example of positive reinforcement on where a person should poop.

"We've been working to get Mick potty trained and have had a couple of
successes at his daycare this past week. He will pee in the potty at
daycare but that's it. He refuses at home. Anway, since I still have
2 kids soiling, I'm in the habit of pulling back the waistline of their
pants to figure out which one the smell is coming from. This afternoon
when we returned home, I was leaning over the backseat, trying to
wrestle Noah out of his carseat. Mick came up behind me, pulled my
pants up at the waist and said, 'go poop?' I was laughed so hard I
almost dropped the baby. I told him, 'no, Mommy goes poop in the potty
not in my pants' I thought I was going to die laughing! :-)

micksmom "

This mom was able to laugh, and then she goes on to say in a positive way, "Mommy goes poop in the potty." This is a good way to teach children what is expected of them when they need to go poop.



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