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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Pee Pride

Potty Training University

Last night while watching TV, I saw a commercial for Austin Peay University. The one slide that caught my attention was the one that showed a picture of the stately campus with the words "Peay Pride" written across it. I could not stop laughing! Maybe all this research into child development and specifically potty training problems has warped my sense of humor, but with apologies to AP alumni, that's just funny.

Now Janice may remember it differently, but I am pretty sure that back in our days at Tennessee Tech University, I was flirting with some visiting cuties from Austin Peay when Janice began to decide that I would be more interesting to hang out with than her nice guy boyfriend. I remember making sure she saw the AP girls were having fun with me while I pretended not to notice her watching us.

But this commercial has got me thinking about names for our new potty training product in development. The one we are collecting stories, problems and tips for. "Pee Pride" has just made my list of potential names!

Anyway, if you have a problem that you want some advice on - Potty Training problems, how to get the girl and stay happily married to her for 25 years, or how to make your business more profitable... Well maybe we should stick to potty training problems and frustrations, potty training tips and other child development concerns for now. Send your question to helpme@pottytrainingsite.com or leave a comment in this blog for a less personal response. Remember that we normally charge a sizable consulting fee for our assistance, but for a very limited time, you can get a personal email from Janice just for sending us your situation.

Thanks to all those who have already contacted us! Keep us posted on the results.



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