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Monday, March 13, 2006

Potty Training Accidents

Potty training accidents

When you are potty training your child I understand how you feel when it just seems like they don’t get it. They have too many accidents and you feel as if you are constantly changing diapers.

Sometimes I feel this way at the daycare. There are days that when one poops in their diaper, they all poop in their diaper. At daycare as I change their diaper I remind them that they should tell me when they need to potty and I will take them. I also tell them that someday they will not be wearing diapers, and they will use the potty like the big kids at daycare.

I encourage you to remind your own child that they will soon be using the potty and will not need diapers anymore. As you do this it helps you and your child to feel better, and the potty accident is no longer as important. Your child will not feel like they disappointed you and will want to try to stay dry and clean more often.

Stay patient, be calm, and smile, even when you have to change another diaper.



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