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Monday, August 21, 2006

Learning Styles

Learning styles can be used even when potty training.

After reading the article on parenting.com about how children learn, I watched the children in my class to see which way they seemed to learn the best.

One child I noticed seems to love listening to music and stories. She can recite almost anything word for word once she hears it a few times. Today she wanted the tape player all to herself. She enjoyed just sitting and listening to music. This little girl is usually the one who is jumping around and moving all around the classroom from one center to another. However, today while she had the tape player she was still and very focused on what she was hearing.

A little boy in my class has to move while he is learning. He cannot sit still for very long. Even during lunch he is moving about in his chair while he is eating. He often stands up and moves about even when I am reading a story to the class. He may be moving about, but when I ask any questions about what I read he can answer every one of them. This little boy would quickly be labeled as a hyperactive child who may have ADHD, but I think it is just the way he learns. He has a good attention span; he just has to move.

I have another little boy in my class who has to see what things are to understand. He always wants to be in front of everyone else so he has a clear view of books or pictures I may be teaching with. If anyone gets in his sight range, he quickly moves over or starts saying, "I can’t see!" When this little boy has a visual he understands what he is being taught.

If you are wondering why one of your children seems to understand something but your next child just does not seem to get it, try a different style of teaching. You will probably find that each of your children will have their own style of learning.



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