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Friday, June 16, 2006

Father's day potty training tip

Potty training boys

When potty training boys, they often need a male role model to get the hang of what is supposed to happen. Mom's can do a lot, but some things they just aren't equipped for.

Boys are often focused on exciting activities and deeply involved in play activity so they just don't want to stop long enough to go to the potty. And a normally outgoing and playful boy may choose to run and hide when it is time to poop rather than use the big scary potty.

Dads are often much better at handling potty training problems as they often just see this as a normal biological function and not a competition. Moms can get emotional over things like messy or wet clothes.

So if you are a Dad and ready to get this whole potty training mess behind you so you and your boy can spend time together having fun instead of having to go get mom when there is a diaper to be changed, take some quality time with your boy and teach him what it means to be potty trained.

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