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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Potty Training Determined Children

Determined children

In the past week I have been busy with my dog Smash. He was severely injured and had to have surgery to stitch his nose back into the proper place. He is now on the way to healing, but he does not like his E-cone. He does everything he can think to do just to scratch his nose.

Smash is very much like a child. He is determined to get his E-cone off and have things his way. How many times have you seen this much determination in your child, especially while potty training? While raising my two children I have often seen this trait. It is during this time that I would often have to take a deep breath, gather up my patience, and smile.

It is true children will be children, but as parents we have to give them guidance, discipline, and lots of love. So, whenever you think you are ready to scream, look at your darling little child’s face and give him a big hug, and know that you are not alone in parenting. Also remember that determination in a child is really a good thing.



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