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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Child Development Success

Here is a simple five-step plan to get your children to do what you want:

1. Know what you want from your child. Decide exactly what it is you want from your child. What emotions do you want them to experience – happiness, success, love, freedom? Many times as parents we want conflicting behavior from our children. We want them to express themselves freely but be reserved and obedient at the same time. These skills are difficult for adults and even more difficult for children. Try to focus on one thing at a time.

2. Express your desire. Take time to explain exactly what you want from your child. The more detail the better. This will also help both of you understand the expectations. And don’t forget to explain to God what you want in your prayers. Be sure to be consistent.

3. Experience your desire. Take time to imagine how you will feel when your child exhibits the behavior you are looking for. Will you be happy, proud, successful or what? Go ahead and practice experiencing that emotion right now. Look for even the tiniest example of this behavior in your child and share your emotion with him.

4. Take action toward your desire. Use concrete examples of the behavior you are trying to create. Model this behavior with your child. Take a small step toward your goal every day.

5. Be thankful. Have faith in your child and in yourself and in God to bring about what you are looking for. Go ahead and give thanks now knowing that you have already succeeded. Praise your child at every opportunity for displaying the desired behavior. And be sure to praise God for your success as well.

Remember to be consistent with your thoughts, actions and emotions when working with children. They are much better at mirroring your actions and emotions than they are at following your words. They can read your mind through your body language and voice tone. Being consistent with your feelings will help your child learn faster and reduce your frustration.
These same five steps work for any goal you may choose to set.



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