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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Potty Training Frustration

Frustrated with potty training

You think you are almost to the end of potty training when all of a sudden it seems like your little one just stopped using the potty. Your child is having accidents faster than you can clean them, and when you ask your little darling if they need to potty, they say no, only to have a potty accident a few minutes later.

Maybe you are also finding out that your little darling has decided that going to the potty is just too much trouble. He just cannot put playing on hold. Your child may also be very defiant when you take him to the potty. He scream, shout, and may even kick you, all because they do not want to go to the potty.

I understand the frustration you feel when faced with a defiant child. However, there is hope for you and your child. Whenever a child is being defiant, you need to find out what the real problem may be. Your child may have experienced a scary moment in the bathroom. He may think that it will hurt if they use the potty. (This is usually the problem when they do not want to poop in the potty.)

Whatever the problem is, you need to reassure your child that you are there with him and you will help him. Also, when he has an accident, you need to get your child to help you clean up the potty accident. While cleaning up let your child know that you are going to help him get to the potty the next time, and soon he will be using the potty all by himself.

Once again, keep being positive and use this time as a bonding time for you and your little darling. I have found that Westra’s teaches in a very positive way how to make potty training a fun, bonding time between you and your child.



  • At 6:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thank you for your level-headed, logical and reassuring approach!


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