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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Potty Training Excitment

Excited mother!!

Just recently I had a mother approach me about potty training her nearly four year old child. He was being very defiant about pooping in the potty. He would stay dry, but wanted a diaper on to poop.

This mother was completely stressed out with potty training. She couldn’t put her child in a Pre K class until he was potty trained.

I gave her advice on what she should try to get him potty trained. About three days later, I met up with her. She was very excited! She had used my advice and her child was completely potty trained. She couldn’t believe how simple my technique was to use, and it worked.

She and her child are happy. She can now enroll him in a Pre K class for next fall, and she has another child who will be potty training within the next two years. She already says she will definitely use my technique to potty train her next child.

Click here to listen to her testimonial.



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