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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Potty Training Awareness Month

Potty training tips for Potty Training awareness month

I am not sure why we need a potty training awareness month. Any parent with a toddler that has not yet learned to use the potty on a regular basis is very much aware of potty training problems and frustrations no matter what month it is.

Every time you have to clean up a smelly mess you become even more aware of your desire to get your little darling potty trained.

So be aware of some of our most common potty training tips:

1. Make sure your child is ready to potty train. Starting too early with incorrect expectations can lead to frustration. Waiting too late can allow incorrect patterns of behavior to develop.

2. Stay positive. Focus on the things your child does right. Chart the successes. Forget the failures.

3. Get your child involved in cleanup activities. Don't do this as punishment but as a training aid.

4. Involve your child's imagination in the training process. Let the child be the teacher to an imaginary friend.

5. Take time to focus your energy on letting your child know exactly what is the desired behavior. Repetition of the correct behavior will reinforce that behavior.

6. Be aware of your own feelings toward potty training. Beware of transferring negative emotions to your child.

7. Use a consistent method when potty training your child. Sending mixed messages only delays the process.

8. Use a potty training method that promotes bonding with your child. Potty training can be frustrating to both children and parents, so don't let this natural process get in the way of loving your child.

9. Spend quality time with your potty training child. Giving your undivided attention to your child for a significant period of time can create a very strong loving bond between the two of you.

10. Show love to your child. Choose a potty training method that works and works fast. Be aware that the best thing about potty training is celebrating your success.



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